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*All times  are estimates!

May 17th: 5:30-9 p.m.

Part 1: (#1-11):    5:30-6:30 p.m.

Part 2: (#12-22):  6:40-7:45 p.m.

Part 3: (#23-32):  7:55-9:00 p.m.

Dress Rehearsal

All dancers must arrive dressed in their first recital costume complete with tights (if required), hair accessory in place; with hair and make-up done.  Dance shoes should be carried in a separate bag. 

Check in with the dressing room helpers 5 numbers before your routine. (I am estimating 5 minutes per routine.)

A photographer will be taking group pictures after they perform. Check your dancer out after they perform.  Families will not be allowed to stay backstage. 

May 18th: 3-5:40 p.m.

Part 1: (#1-11):    3:00-3:50 p.m.

Part 2: (#12-22):  4:00-4:45 p.m.

Part 3: (#23-32):  4:55-5:35 p.m.


Dancers should arrive in first costume with hair and makeup done carrying their dance shoes in a bag, no later than 15 minutes before their part begins.  Check in with the dressing room helpers.  Families will go to the auditorium to watch.

**Check out your dancer at the end of the part they are in.  We will bring them into the auditorium between parts.


Dancers should arrive in first costume with hair and makeup done.  If the dancer is in multiple routines, bring other costume items in a separate bag labeled with their name. Do not leave anything in dressing room on Friday evening.

The details of the costumes for each class can be found using the link below:

Hair & Makeup

More details on hair and make up can be found here:


Cell Phones




As a courtesy to others and the performers: 

Cell phones should be set to silent and/or turned off during the performance.  

As a courtesy to others and the performers: 

Do not video your dancer during the show.  We will be livestreaming the show and the video will be available to those who paid their show fee afterwards.

As a courtesy to others and the performers: 

Do not take pictures of your dancer during the show.  It is distracting. Our photographer will be taking group and individual pictures at the dress rehearsal.

As a courtesy to others and the performers: 

Do not leave the auditorium or talk during a routine.  You will block the view of our audience. You will disturb others who are watching.


Princess Style Hair:  The main idea is to keep the dancer’s hair out of their face. Basically, pull back the top part of their hair back.  The easiest way is to put the top part back into a pony tail.  (Bangs that do not cover the eyes are okay.)  You are welcome to choose other options like a braid or whatever suits you.  For simplicity this is the hairstyle of choice for all dancers unless you have been otherwise instructed by your teacher.

Other Hair notes: I am trying to keep the hair styles for our younger dancers as simple as possible.  If you have hairspray or hair gel, it would be great to give a quick spritz to the top of your dancer’s head to keep their hair back.  If that will not sit well with them, please don’t bother.  We want them to be as happy as possible for the performance.


I would prefer for you or your dancer to have at least some make-up on.  The stage lights really wash our dancers out.  At a minimum, please put some lipstick and blush on you or your dancer.  You may also add eye shadow, foundation, eye liner and mascara.  (The foundation, eye liner and mascara would be most appropriate for the older dancers and are all optional.)

The biggest make-up requirement is for the show itself.  It will be live streamed and recorded by our professional videographer and people will be watching in person and online.  I do not specify particular colors for eye shadow.

Last, but not least: If putting make-up on your dancer will make your life unbearable on the dress rehearsal or recital day, by all means bring them without.  I would rather them dance happy, than not dance at all.

Helpful Hints

Final Thoughts on Hair and Make-Up

FYI, I found the easiest way to get a dancer ready for a show is to put on a button up shirt or a shirt with a big neck opening.  I would fix my daughter’s hair and apply the make-up.  After we were all finished, we would put on her costume.  It avoids the potential spills of hair spray and make-up on the costume

Low Ponytail
low ponytail left w hair band access.jpg
low ponytail left with hair clip.jpg
High Ponytail
high ponytail w hair band access.jpg
high ponytail with hair clip.jpg
Half Up Half Down
half up half down hair band accessory.jpg
half up half down hair clip.jpg
Location and Parking

Our 2024 dress rehearsal and performance will be held at Cave Spring High School located at 3712 Chaparral Drive, Roanoke, VA 24018.

cshs pict.PNG

Enter through the main school entrance. Parking is available on-street and in the school parking lot. All parking is free and is first come, first served. There is handicap parking available.


We are currently having technical difficulties with the livestream playback!  Check here for further updates.

The recital livestream can be found at:

Recital T-Shirts Available Until June 3rd

recital t_edited.png
Show Livestream at:
To Be Determined

Summary of Footwear for Recital by Dance Type:  (adult selections vary)

Dance Type
Tights or Socks
Type of Tights
Light Pink Ballet
Light pink tights
Footed or convertible
Hip Hop
Athletic shoes (any color)
Costume socks, if included and tights for over 5 years old
Footed or convertible
Tan jazz shoes
Light suntan tights
Footed or convertible
Nude foot covers
Light suntan tights
Footless or convertible
Black tap shoes
Light suntan tights
Footed or convertible
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