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Class Descriptions

Dance is beneficial in developing your mind, body and self confidence.  Join us for class to begin or continue your journey.

Ages 3-4.  No previous training. Emphasis is on basic ballet steps and creative movement.  

Ballet/Tap Combination
Ages 5-8 Basic ballet and tap steps.  Pre-ballet preferred. 

Ages 9 to adult.  Ballet teaches poise, grace, body control and core strength.  It is an excellent form of dance for everyone.


Ages 13 to adult.  Rooted in a rich heritage, clogging is a mixture of flat footing and tap techniques.  It a great experience in rhythm and coordination. 

Hip Hop

Ages 6 to adult  Hip Hop evolved out of street style dancing.  It is currently a broad category of dance which includes many styles from street style dance to a jazz infused hip hop.  The class focuses on a variety of dance moves to fun age appropriate music.


Ages 6 to adult  Jazz is the fusion of music, unique movements and cultural history. Classes focus on lively movement to fun music.  


Ages 8 to adult. Modern dance arose as a rebellion against classical ballet.  It involves expressing ideas with fluid movement of the entire body using a variety of techniques.  

Ages 9 to adult.  Tap dance is the ultimate combination of rhythm, foot control and music.  Come join us to make music with your feet!


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